Get your pass on, get some Love

Got your season pass yet? You still have a few weeks to purchase most passes, so get to buying, Mr. Brocrastinator.

Not up for a full-on season ride, my friend? Well, my friend, Loveland Ski Area offers great options, especially for Front Range riffraff. The Love offers a 4-Pak for only $109 if purchased at one of their pass sales events. That’s just $27.25 a day. Woot and woot. (It sells for $119 via phone or Intertubes.)

And, the best part about it? You can let your riffraff associates use the tickets whenever you want, even all four on the same day! Beat that Vail Inc. It’s a great deal if you want to take your out-of-Colorado friends up to the slopes, or only ride a few days a year, or want to host a Hawaiian shirt Friday company picnic on the slopes. I’m not a tax attorney, but I’m pretty sure Hawaiian shirt Friday company picnics are, like, totally tax-deductible and stuff.

So get out your penny jar and get some Love.


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