Storm nails Telluride

While you were busy watching Obama wallop McCain last week, a storm hit the southwest Colorado mountains and walloped Telluride Ski Resort with three feet of snow in 24 hours in Revelation Bowl.

In related news, I’m moving to Telluride.

But seriously, let’s hope there’s much more of that sweet storm action all season. Telluride opens on November 27 if you want to head down now to camp out in the lift line.

Check the white goodness from last week:


One thought on “Storm nails Telluride

  1. I’m going to need about a week or two off work to uhm… work on a photo story… on uhm… the controversy between natural and man made snow… and how it effects skiiers or snowboarders depending on the equipment that they use when either condition occurs. Yea. So just let me know when that will work out for you.

    And also, I really like that you used the word walloped twice in one sentence.

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