“Powder Ghost Towns” book finds lost Colorado ski areas


Powder Ghost Towns book cover.

Boulder writer, photographer, speaker and adventurer Peter Bronski has a new book out that any true Colorado skiing fan should run out and buy.

“Powder Ghost Towns: Epic Backcountry Runs in Colorado’s Lost Ski Resorts” is part history lesson, part backcountry ski guide for 36 defunct ski areas in Colorado and Wyoming. Places like Adam’s Rib, Conquistador and Hidden Valley are included, and all the areas in the book can be skied, provided you are willing to earn your turns (or shuttle in some cases).

Along with the history behind each area, this well-researched guide includes detailed location, approach and descent info. GPS waypoints, topo maps and aerial photos are also included, as are recent photos of each area. It’s a great guide for anyone with an interest in experiencing lost ski areas, or someone wanting to try backcountry riding, or Front Range riffraff that don’t want to buy lift tickets.

Bronski also put together a nice companion video that will get your snow-starved blood pumping.

And check out ColoradoSkiHistory.com for even more lost Colorado ski areas.


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