Breckenridge asks skiers to keep their dog poo off the slopes


This cute n fuzzy doggie reminds you to always pick up his poo.

Robert Allen at the Summit Daily News has a nice story on Breck’s efforts to accommodate skinners, a practice that is gaining popularity. It’s a well-sourced, well-written article that neatly explains the issue:

Breckenridge Ski Resort officials asked for cooperation from a rugged, growing breed of skiers who prefer hiking to riding ski lifts, as the resort undergoes base-area construction and balances business operations with after-hours access.

But the best part of the story “comes out” at the end:

Dogs and their droppings made for another conversation topic Thursday, as the resort has been dealing increasingly with fecal specimen left on the freshly groomed slopes.

I always wondered how dog poo ends up on ski trails. Now I know. So remember kids, don’t eat the yellow, or brown, snow.

My advice? Only eat fresh snow resting on tree branches. And make sure the branch is higher than, um, “waste” level.


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