Tanner Hall steps up in Boulder

According to the Daily Camera, Seven-time Winter X Games gold medalist Tanner Hall was ticketed Thursday for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana during a sesh at New Vista High School in Boulder. From the story:

A packed high school parking lot at the early-morning hour tipped police off to something suspicious, (police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley) said. While talking to the men, she said, officers smelled an odor of marijuana. They asked who had the pot, she said.

“And Tanner Hall stepped up and said he had it,” Huntley said.

Hall was cited, and his crew was asked to disperse.

According to Hall’s mother Darla:

“He has a lifestyle that’s not everyone’s lifestyle, but I back Tanner 199 percent,” Darla Hall said. “He’s not the only athlete out there that smokes marijuana. … They all do it.”

One could imagine that a member of the posse would be expected to take the rap for having the pot. Apparently not so with Tanner Hall. Keeping it real. Endorsement deals – smorshment deals. Image – smidadge.

Kudos for Hall and his moms for being open and upfront about smoking a little ganja. I can’t imagine many other elite-level pro athletes doing the same.

Coincidentally, on the same day ESPN announced  the first wave of  X’rs invited to Winter X Games 13. Hall, the defending Winter X skiing superpipe champion, made the cut. Let’s hope he goes big again this January.

Enjoy this replay of his gold medal run last January while I go to Taco Bell for some delicious tacos. For some strange reason I really want some Taco Bell tacos. Mmmmn, tacos.


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