Dillon cops put the smackdown on Summit County jibbers


"Do not put the object on the handrail" by Beto™ on Flickr.

Ashley Dickson (reporter babe alert) of the Summit Daily News reports that snowboarders riding unauthorized rails and stuff on private or guvment property are getting their snowboards and videocameras confiscated. Whoa, that’s, um, crazy.

Getting a ticket for destruction of public property? Check.

Convicted and sentenced to community service for destruction of said property? Check.

Ordered to pay restitution for destruction of said property? Check.

But confiscating video gear? Sounds like the police have determined it’s a good tactic for deterrence, but wow:

“The equipment is being taken because it is evidence used in a crime,” (Dillon Police Chief Joe) Wray said. “If we have a video camera that shows footage of snowboarders riding rails on public property, then we can use that in court.” 

I guess Summit County officials and property managers haven’t fully implemented these yet.

And here’s an old J.P. Walker interview that explores the lure of rails and touches on security guards, night vision goggles and crazy photographers.


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