Massachusetts ski club saves Valentine’s Day, and yet another relationship



Trail map of the Mt. Greylock Ski Club in Massachusetts. Keeping it real with 350 of vertical and no crowds. (Courtesy Mt. Greylock Ski Club)

Valentine’s Day is for skiing, and diamonds are for saw blades.

The Times Union in Albany, NY, has a nice feature on the Mt. Greylock Ski Club in South Williamstown, Massachusetts, a private ski club that’s keeping it real. The club gives members access to skiing the way it used to be. This ain’t no Yellowstone Club. Thank God for that.

From the story:

Steve Melamed, a graduate student from Bard College, is an avid skier who comes here most weekends with his fiancee, Marisa Shuman.

Shuman was not a skier when they met. He brought her to larger resorts, but she wasn’t interested. However, she loves it here.

“It saved our relationship,” he says.

So hats off to small ski areas, simple pleasures, and love. (And a hat tip to Uncle Lou for the tip.)


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