Mad Smithsonian props to Snurfer inventor Sherm Poppen

Eric Gaertner of the Muskegon Chronicle has a sweet story on Sherm Poppen, the man who built the first mass-produced snowboard, the Snurfer. Poppen’s invention is headed to the Smithsonian. Props.

From the story:

“Poppen built the first Snurfer in 1965, a board similar to a water ski, but better suited for the snow for his children. His idea was picked up by the local Brunswick Corp., which manufactured Snurfers for distribution around the country. It would be almost 20 years later before snowboarding really took off, but Poppen’s original idea was never forgotten.

Much love for Sherm. I owe my winter happiness to him.

Here’s some seriously old-school Snurfing action on the Tubes, which looks much like the modern NoBoard. Funny thing, history. What goes down goes around.


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