Mobile app testers wanted for I-70 traffic monitoring program


Drive Interstate 70 in the Colorado mountains, and have an iPhone, Blackberry or Android? Then would like to check your beta action. From the blog: is looking for Jackrabbits – volunteers to help test and give feedback on the GoI70 mobile phone application. The application is the mobile connection to the GoI70 social network, travel alerts and road information.  Users will receive mobile phone updates of I-70 road conditions and speeds, and can send and read messages by other users along the highway.

The mobile software is in an early beta stage of development. It will be revised and expanded in response to the testers feedback on ease of use and desired features. The mobile app testers are the first members of the I-70 Jackrabbit Corps which is the core of the I-70 social network.

We are looking for people with advanced smart phones (iPhone, recent model Blackberrys or Android-based phones) who drive the I-70 corridor. Testers will load the application on to their phone and use it when they are traveling I-70. We need volunteers who will participate in our traffic monitoring program and send messages to the I-70 social network about driving conditions encountered in their travels. Because this is software in early development we are looking for volunteers with a healthy curiosity about new technology, a bit of free time and lots of patience.

If you are interested, send an email to Tell us your name, smart phone type and model, phone number, and an email address where we can send you information.

Smart riders in Colorado know to avoid I-70 at peak times (Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons), but sometimes you just can’t help it. Since the solution to ski traffic on I-70 is still decades and piles of $$$ down the road, here’s hoping that technology can help out.

Or you could move to Leadville, live in a van down by the Arkansas River and hike your butt up to ride down. Sounds like a solid Plan B to me.


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