Copper Mountain wants you to cheat on your steady mountain (for $39)

It’s the modern-age-old question for Colorado skiers and boarders: “What pass you got?” As in, what season pass did you buy/get/commit to?

Since the Great Pass Wars that began in the late 90s, the choice for many Colorado residents is either the Colorado Pass or the Rocky Mountain Super Pass. Both are outstanding values for anyone who hits the slopes more than five or six times a year (like, duh, why wouldn’t you?), and if you snu-snu (yeah, that’s the name I’m giving to the practice of skiing or snowboarding, since no one has ever come up with a good name to describe both, and I know it’s from Futurama, why do you think I chose it, besides I’m not sure if the Futurama writers didn’t abscond it from someone else even though I guess I could Google it and maybe find out if it’s a reference to something, but, and anyway I might change my mind down the road ’cause it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want, including writing really long and dangerous and ill-advised run-on sentences in a convoluted parenthesis explanation scenario that would be better off in a separate post but now that I’m on a roll I think I’ll just keeping rolling with it, ooh did you see that snowboarder who jumped into the opening ceremony of the Olympics, jeesh talk about pressure but he stuck it so mad props, oh hey is that my mac ‘n cheese on fire on the stove?) a bunch you can get your cost of snu-snu down to pennies a day. Almost.

But the problem with buying one pass or the other has always been your friends who bought the wrong other pass. It’d be great if all your friends had the same pass, and you could all snu-snu together all the time, but people gots their loyalties, and who’s to question loyalty to a mountain?

Anywhoo, Copper recently debuted their Swinger’s Pass offering any season pass owner a Copper lift ticket for $39. Just show up at the Copper lift ticket window with your other ski resort season pass and they’ll trade your 39 greenbacks for a day of snu-snu. From their Interwebz:

End Mountain Monogamy and Come Get Some!

There’s no question of loyalty here. It’s just a day riding a mountain with easier access, free parking and fewer crowds. Any season pass holder worldwide: Sneak over to Copper Mountain for a day and pick up the Swinger’s Pass for the easy price of $39! Get to Guest Services or to the Ticket Windows of Copper Mountain to purchase this sexy deal. This product cannot be purchased online.

Don’t have a pass to anywhere? Check out the High Four.

Deal is subject to change. Not valid 3/12 – 3/27/10 or 4/5 – 4/9/10. Limited to 1 day per person.

Not a bad deal. Now you can go snu-snu for cheap with a friend who has the other pass and get some strange. On the slopes, people. I know what you are thinking, and I would never resort to sex to promote snu-snu. And neither would Intrawest. I mean Pwder. Pshaww.


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