Westword serves up the Colorado ski and snowboard info

From a January 25th "On The Edge" post on Westword.com: "Photographer/ski bum Scott Limbird sent the above photo of Vail from yesterday, a day he called 'ridiculous.'"

Westword has what may be the best Colorado outdoor/ski/snowboard blog/column/thingy going. The alt-weekly’s “On The Edge” feed has been bringing home the bacon since it launched. And you thought Westword just did music, food, art and bar reviews for hipsters, medical marijuana dispensary listings, and ads for, um, “escorts.”

Their secret sauce? Multiple bloggers/writers feeding the beast, producing a solid delivery of content in Goldilocks form – not too much, not too little, but just right. The content is useful and entertaining, thoughtful and informative, short and visual – all the stuff you want without a bunch of marketing bull (the regular feature “Gear you want but don’t need” is classic).

Some recent posts of note:

You should check it, RSS it and get your knowledge on.

Now if only they could improve their lame page re-re-re-reloader, I mean slideshow viewer.


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