I’m baaaaaaack… and stoked about mountain bikes

Long time no bloggy. This is what happens when:

a. You destroy your posterior cruciate ligament by snowboarding into an aspen tree at Beaver Creek (in too tight trees looking for untracked powder).

b. You spend a looooong time trying to fully recover from surgery and complications and, well, recovering from PCL replacement surgery is hard.

c. You start spending more time mountain biking, and rediscover how awesome and rad it is.

d. You realize that you’ve been basically ignoring your blog…because Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram.

It’s much easier and quicker to share and post things via Facebook than it is to blog. But I don’t like that the things I post to Facebook basically disappear into the interwebs ether after a few weeks. So I’ma start blogging again, now with 100% more mountain bike and backcountry stoke. I’m kinda over ski resorts, stay tuned for another post on that someday.

Thanks for checking. Stay stoked peeps.

Mountain biking Mt. Elbert

The descent down Mount Elbert is totally awesomesauce. Prolly the most fun 14er to mountain bike in Colorado.


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